June 20, 2016


Kitty Cat PALs adoption fees include spay or neuter*, FIV/FeLV screening, basic vaccines, and parasite prevention medications. Most local veterinarians will provide a complimentary first visit to newly adopted Kitty Cat PALs. 

  • Kitten (up to 8 months old) $200
  • Juvenile cat (9 months to 3 years old) $150
  • Adult cat (3+ years) $100
  • Senior cat (9+ years) $75

*Spays and neuters are not usually done before 4 months of age.  If you adopt a very young kitten, your adoption certificate will include a free spay/neuter certificate with an expiry date.  You must make an appointment with this certificate with ANY vet in the Comox Valley to get a free spay or neuter before your kitten reaches 6 months of age.  Please check the certificate for the expiry date!

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Are you 19 or older?

Are you a home owner or renter?

If you are a renting, please provide either the name & phone number of your landlord, or a copy of your tenant agreement stating that you are allowed a pet.

Who else lives in your household? Please tell us how many adults, how many kids (& their ages), and how many pets (and their ages).

Are all of your pets spayed or neutered?

Are all of your pets fully vaccinated?

Have you had pets in the past? Where are they now?

What are your plans for integrating the new cat into your household?

How much are you prepared to spend annually on your cat - including food, litter, vet visits, and other supplies?

Where will the cat live?
Indoors onlyOutdoors onlyIndoors & Outdoors

If you go away, who will care for the cat?

Under what circumstances would you consider returning the adopted cat?
Household member allergicCat behaviour issues (such as marking, love biting, fighting with other pets)New babyMovingCat is unwellLoss of incomeRelationship issuesOwner no longer able to care for cat due to age or infirm issues

Name of veterinarian & vet clinic:

Please provide the name, phone number, and email of 2 references:

•I understand that I cannot permit euthanasia of the adopted cat without direct communication with a Director of Kitty Cat P.A.L. Society so to give them the right to transfer the cat back into the custody of the Society, unless the cat is in critical distress from acute bodily trauma, or suffering from end of life disease;

•I understand that it is imperative that the health record information included on the Adoption Brochure be entered into my veterinarian’s records of the adopted cat;

•I understand that it is my responsibility to contact the veterinarian who spayed or neutered and tattooed the adopted cat to change the owner contact information, and at this time I may ask if there is other medical information attached to this cat’s records that should be transferred to my vet (if so, Kitty Cat P.A.L. Society will need to authorize the transfer.)

•I understand that the adoption fee includes the cost of spay or neuter of the adopted cat, and that if my adopted cat is intact, the spay or neuter surgery must be performed prior to the age of 6 months by one of the veterinarians listed. Kitty Cat P.A.L. Society will not pay for microchips, vaccines, medication or any other treatments requested. In order to receive the spay or neuter FREE of charge, the Adoption Brochure with the Spay/Neuter Certificate must be presented to the veterinarian.

•I understand that I cannot have the adopted cat declawed, or used for medical or veterinary experimentation, or permit it to be used for breeding purposes.

•I will not hold Kitty Cat P.A.L. Society responsible for any present or future illness, or any medical costs pertaining to, the adopted cat.

•I understand that the health of the adopted cat is not guaranteed and that it is my responsibility to arrange a veterinary exam at my veterinarian clinic at my cost within seven days of adoption and that if these results show illness, I have the option to return the adopted cat into the custody of the Society for a full refund of the adoption fee. (Some of the veterinarians listed with Kitty Cat P.A.L. Society may offer a free vet exam upon adoption.)

•I will incorporate the adopted cat into my lifestyle and keep it through any moves, vacations and life changes that will undoubtedly occur, always providing humane treatment and care and ensure that the physical and emotional needs of the adopted cat are met. This includes cat sitting if necessary, healthy food, clean water, shelter, sanitary litter box conditions, regular grooming, proper veterinary health care, love, exercise and socializing opportunities for the span of its natural life, which is estimated at 12 to 20 years.

•I understand that Kitty Cat P.A.L. Society recommends the adopted cat live indoors. Should I choose to allow access to the outdoors, I will not do so until after 4 weeks of arrival to its new home and after it reaches adulthood.

•I understand that I must contact Kitty Cat P.A.L. Society to give them the right to take the adopted cat back into the custody of the Society if I am ever unable to keep the adopted cat, and that adoption fee will not be refunded.

•I hereby give Kitty Cat P.A.L. Society permission to do follow up checks on the well-being of the adopted cat and that should the cat appear to be in unsatisfactory condition, I agree to immediately release the cat into the custody of the Society without refund.

I have read and understood the Adoption Terms & Conditions & fully accept the responsibilities as detailed by Kitty Cat PALs.