June 20, 2016


Cat Care (at our Intake Facility)

Our intake volunteers have direct contact with kittens & cats as they first arrive at Kitty Cat PALS. They provide essential care, cleaning, and snuggling to the animals as they undergo their spay/neuter and health exams. Morning and evening shifts are available. Time commitment is once per week, for approximately 2 hours. (contact volunteerkcp@shaw.ca for full Job Description) Must be 19 or older.

Intake Volunteer job description

Foster Program Volunteer

New foster homes are needed, as many from the previous year adopt their kitten(s) and are not fostering anymore! All supplies, training and support provided. THE MOST ESSENTIAL AREA OF THE SOCIETY!

  • Main caregiver must be 19 years or older.
  • Permission of the landlord, if applicable.
  • A warm, safe room separate from other pets.
  • Household cats must be spayed or neutered and all vaccines up-to-date.
  • All household members must agree to fostering.

Foster Program Volunteer job description

Fundraising Committee Member

We are seeking friendly, organized, and outgoing people to join in our fundraising efforts. We have several annual events to be coordinated, and welcome creative new ideas to increase awareness in the community, and to raise much-needed funds for the cats.

Kitty Cat P.A.L.S Kids Club

If you are under the age of 13 this may be the perfect volunteer opportunity for you. Join our kids club to learn about respectful and ethical treatment of animals while doing fun arts and crafts and possibly some games!

Trap-Neuter-Return Volunteer

TNR volunteers head out to safely & carefully trap outdoor colony cats and bring them to our Intake facility for health exams & spay/neuter. Cats are then returned to their managed colonies, adopted to Barn Homes, or adopted into forever homes.

Trapper Job description

Adoption Counselor

We are seeking another Adoption Counselor to help facilitate adoptions. Flexible schedule is a must! Our Adoption Counselors are responsible for interviewing potential adopters to ensure cats/kittens are placed in healthy, happy homes!

Cuddle Buddy

Spend time with the cats and kittens helping them to progress through the three stages of socialization.

Job Description




If you are interested in volunteering as a group, please submit a new volunteer application form for each individual unless you are under the age of 13.

Please Enter The Date:



Phone Number:


Do you live in the Comox Valley?

Which volunteer opportunities interest you (Check all that may apply)?

Are you 19 or older (required for cat care & cuddle buddy roles)

How many hours per month are you willing and able to contribute?

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

Please share your motivation for seeking a volunteer position:

Anything else we should know?

If you are applying to foster, please answer the following additional questions:
List who else lives in your household: # of Adults and # of Children and ages:

List your current pets & ages:

Are the pets spayed or neutered and fully vaccinated?

Are you able to keep your fosters indoors always?