June 21, 2016

Barn Request

Do you have room in a barn or enclosed space for cats?

Kitty Cat P.A.L. Society is seeking rural homes for cats in pairs, triplets, quads or more! Feral or semi-social cats from our TNR program who cannot be returned to their home territory for safety reasons rely on rural property owners to come forward & accept them as ‘green’ rodent control.  There is no adoption fee for Mousing Cats! however a donation will help us continue to provide this service.

Please Enter The Date:


Physical Address of Barn

Phone Number


Are you the Property owner?

Do you have plans to move in the next 5 or so years?

Please outline the reasons why you want these cats on the property?

Kitty Cat P.A.L. Society relocates spayed/neutered, healthy, semi-social cats in pairs - kind of a “buddy system". The familiarity of a colony member increases the chance of a successful and stress-free relocation.

Please list everyone who lives on the property, including adults, children, indoor and outdoor animals:

Where will the cats live initially during their transition/adjustment period of approximately 2 to 4 weeks? This must be an area that is secure from outdoor escape, such as a tack room or small shed. Ideally, there should be natural light and reasonable temperature control.

Where will the cats live after that ie. permanent safe area? Ideally, it would be the same area as the transition area.

Everyone must understand that these cats may not like to be touched or picked up. The cats may tend to hide, and if they feel threatened may scratch and bite in order to escape. Their temporary, secure indoor area should include light (window preferred), any entry/exit routes secured, food, water and litter box attended daily and warm bedding. Once the transition period is over, entry/exit routes are unblocked. This area is now their permanent safe area where they will live. If another area is desired, move their food, water and bedding on a daily basis only a short distance in the direction toward the new, permanent area. This permanent area should not be too far away from the transition area.

Are you prepared to routinely provide food, water and care for the cats?

If you go away, who will provide this care for the cats?

It is a myth that hungry cats are better mousers. Cats are natural hunters and they do this often as a sport and bring you the body as a gift. The best guarantee to keep your cats on your property doing their job as vermin control is to provide a steady source of food and water. During the daily feeding time you are also able to monitor the health of the cats. Cats that are not fed regularly may move away to look for sufficient nourishment elsewhere.

I understand and agree to the following: