June 21, 2016

Trapping Request

Do you have feral cats living on your property?

We can help to ensure the well-being of these cats!  Our volunteers work hard to improve the health & wellness of outdoor cats & kittens.  Our TNR Program provides you with the assistance & information to keep your colony safe & managed.   A Managed Colony means no more kittens born because all members are spayed & neutered.  It also means these cats are provided a reliable stream of food, clean water and safe, dry shelter.

Kitty Cat PAL Society does not trap to euthanize cats or kittens (unless in end-of-life suffering circumstances).  We rely on the generosity of volunteer foster families to provide our cats & kittens a place to stay until adoption or re-homing is arranged. Feral or semi-social cats from our TNR Program who cannot be returned to their home territory for safety reasons rely on rural property owners to come forward & accept them as ‘green’ rodent control.  There is no adoption fee for Mousing Cats.

Please submit the Trap-Neuter/Spay-Return Assistance Application Form below.

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    Physical Address of Location Nearest to Cat

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    All donations are eligible for a charitable donation tax receipt upon request.

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    For how long have you seen the cats on your property?

    How many cats? How many kittens?

    Where on the property are the cats living?

    Do they seem to be in any danger from wildlife or environment?

    Are you currently providing food & water for them?

    Can you touch them?

    Do they seem healthy?

    Are you able to assist with trapping (Training Provided)?

    Are you able to take cats in a carrier inside a vehicle to and from veterinarian appointments?

    Do you have a warm, quiet area for a large crate to house a cat post-surgery for 1-3 days?

    Are you interesting in indoor socializing of kittens so we can find them adoptive homes?

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