Abby & Shadow

Likes: Abby & Shadow Abby is approx 1 year old Shadow is approx 12 weeks old A little from the foster…. If you're looking for two cats that have a special relationship, these two sweeties are the perfect match. Abby and Shadow met and it was love at first sight! Abby was, and mostly still is, a shy and gentle girl. Give her a brushing and move to pets and she turns into a drooling cuddle bunny. Shadow is a ball of excited energy who doesn't stop moving, even in his sleep! He is sweet, loving, has NO fear and everything is a toy or a race track. Oh, keep your cell safely away from him! I made the mistake of distracting him with a game while I was working and now he asks to play with it. When Abby and Shadow are together you can see the love they have. She tolerates his magical powers as he defies gravity to jump on her and attack. She has no problem putting him in his place when he gets too rough. I just about laughed myself silly when she casually reached out and pushed him over. The two love having their playtime together, frequently sharing the stick toys as they fly across the floor. He's an acrobat and loves to chase, while she hunts and lunges. After they've worn themselves out, it's nap time. While they do sleep independently or cuddled up to me, their favorite is cuddling together. This special pair will bring joy and love to your home.