March 10, 2020



Age: 4

Likes: This guy is so incredible, the laid back, chill kind of cat. Super friendly to all and does well with other cats. You can meet him at PetSmart in Courtenay.


Likes: Approx 5 months old She is just a cuddle bug! Loves to be picked up and held. Likes other cats as well! Just a calm, sweet girl all around.

Casper 5

Likes: approx 5 months Casper 5 may be a little shy at the beginning but will quickly pass as he just wants to be your buddy. He loves to explore and express his opinions. You can meet him at Bosley’s by Pet Valu Courtenay


Age: 1

Likes: Oh sweet, sweet Billie. She is just a lovely little petite girl. She is on the shy side, just a tad though, she quickly comes around as soon as you start petting her. You can meet her at PetSmart in Courtenay.


Likes: Approx. 1 yr old This sweet young boy is gentle, curious and loves to be loved! He gets along great with other cats and always comes running for love when he spots you. You can meet him at PetSmart in Courtenay.

Mango M 1

Age: 1

Likes: This black beauty was originally very shy and preferred to just observe the crazy antics of the kittens from afar. As the kittens have been adopted one at a time, she has slowly become more confident and social. She and her one remaining kitten now play together regularly. She loves cat treats and will take them from your hand. We can now easily scratch her neck, ears and rump and are rewarded with a low purr.