March 10, 2020

Adoptable Cats


Age: 1

Likes: Maisie Approx 1 years old Maisie was so busy purring and kneading her blanket we took over 20 pics and this one is the best! Maisie is so very sweet, quiet and calm. She is a purr machine and loves to be loved. Maisie would likely do well with other pets as long as a slow introduction was done.

Zaza litter

Likes: Zaza litter Approx 11 weeks old Cuteness overload!! All girls except Zaza 3 This litter is full of energy, super social and love everything and everyone! You can meet these cuties at PetSmart in Courtenay.


Likes: Snickel Approx 14 weeks old This sweet girl is so very ready for a home of her very own. Snickel is very social, playful and confident. She is always the first in her litter to check any new situation or toy out. She loves to be close by you and loves a good belly rub. *Having another cat at home is a must for her. She loves to be around her foster brothers & sisters. *Although our home has dogs, she does not like them. At all. So a home without dogs is a must. She is very adjusted to a busy home. Kids, cats, visitors etc…


Age: 7

Likes: You can meet this big handsome, friendly guy at Bosley’s by Pet Valu Courtenay He is use to dogs and other cats. A low traffic home is a best fit for this guy.

Sasha & Nancy

Likes: Sasha & Nancy Approx 14 weeks old This sister duo is the sweetest!!! Sasha is a little more shy of the two, but Nancy is up front and always the first to come running to you! As you can see by the pic, Nancy is all about her sister. They must be adopted together. They will do well with other pets.


Age: 16

Likes: 🙂

More Info: Marta will be 16 yrs young in August. A regal black cat with a tuft of white on her chest and tummy. She has been a lovely foster and likes to sleep with us, I think to be warm. Things Marta likes: ◦ a warm blanket to sleep on ◦ the fireplace on cool days ◦ loves her treats ◦ scratches under her chin and behind her ears ◦ morning & afternoon naps Of course she will play with a few toys but not for long as she is a senior. (Been there done that) Her person could not care for her & has since passed away. Marta so deserves her furever home. Easy going, constant companion, would do best with a single or couple and a low traffic home. Marta is a diabetic and requires insulin two times a day. Her diabetes is fully under control and she will come with visits to the vet to help her new person learn what she needs 🙂