March 10, 2020



Age: 1

Likes: Approx 1 year A little from her foster: Emerald is a beautiful and loving kitten. In between her inner kitten tendencies coming out in moments of cuteness she loves to just hang out either beside you or on your lap. She is a calm and affectionate beauty. She gets along well with the resident male cat, but not as fond of other females (she’s just that kind of gal)! With the right introduction Emerald will get live happily with a male roommate or as an only cat.


Age: 3

Likes: Approx 3 years old Meet Adam, he’s very self conscious of his hair cut and he doesn’t want to talk about it. Aside from being extremely photogenic Adam is a very sweet boy who likes to watch from afar until he finds the perfect opportunity to swoop in. Wether it be for treats, toys, or attention you can expect him to be watching from the sidelines, but don’t be fooled – once he’s ready to go he’ll hog everything! Adam would absolutely love to find a home with another cat he can hang out with (really he’s going to use them as a pillow, but it’s very cute to watch).


Age: 2

Likes: Approx 2 years Sweet Mr. Bibs is looking for his forever home and he is so excited to find it! He is a little bit shy at first but he warms up quickly, and once he’s comfortable good luck getting him to leave you alone… In his ideal world he would spend 100% of his time curled up with his human and purring as loud as possible. He really big on treats, chin scratches, head scratches, belly scratches, and – well you get the point. Bibs would do best in a quiet low traffic home, with another calm kitty or as an only cat.


Age: 6

Likes: This sweet girl loves to play with her toys and curl up on a nice warm lap for some pets. She does have a little bit of cattitude and prefers everything happens on her terms, so when she’s feeling overstimulated she’d like to have a nice safe space where she can hang out alone. When not with her people she likes to lay in front of a nice sunny window or snuggle up with her sister for a nap. While her and her sister Tabby are not bonded we would love to see them together. She does get along well with her sister and takes great care of her, but she can be a bit unsure of other cats. Come say hi to her at Petsmart in Courtenay


Age: 16

Likes: his lovely lady hides her age so well! She enjoys playing with toys and spending time with her sister Sophie. She’ll happily climb up on your lap for a good cuddle and will even give a few licks on your hand. She has an amazing purr and loves to get attention from new people. When she’s not snuggled into a warm lap she’s likely curled up with her sister somewhere! While Sophie and Tabby are not a bonded pair we would love to see them stay together. Come say hi to her at Petsmart in Courtenay.

Princess & Kitty

Age: 11

Likes: Approx 10 & 11 years These two are both so calm and gentle. Both of them love to explore their surroundings and will happily climb up onto your lap for a chin scratch! Kitty is a bit more confident than her sister but we know both of them will adjust in no time. Come say hi to them at Bosley’s in Courtenay