March 10, 2020

Adoptable Cats


Likes: Lannah Approx 10 months old This love bug just wants attention, snuggles and some play time. She is so incredibly sweet & happy. She also loves, LOVES her cat nip. You can meet me at Bosley’s by Pet Valu Courtenay


Age: 1

Likes: Cleo Approx 1 yr old A little from her foster…. Meet Cleo. She likes to talk, likes to play, and she makes sure to let you know where she is at all times. She is shy when meeting new people, but it won’t take her long to warm up. She has also spent the last 3 weeks in her foster home getting to know and trust Sage – a 100lb Bernese puppy. Sage learned not to run in for a meet and greet with Cleo, but once boundaries were established, they both came to learn to trust one another. They have not yet grown to be companions though Cleo is showing promise in sharing space with a respectful/calm dog through slow introduction. The perfect home for Cleo would be one that is calm, where she has space to play and climb. She loves to interact with her people by playing, seeking out pets, and the occasional cuddle. As her kitten tendencies give way to adulthood, she is sure to become a calm and well-socialized cat. Until then, she will play with your feet, chase any toy she can find, and run and jump like an Olympian. Cleo is still learning boundaries but quickly learning what the house rules are. She is sure to thrive in her new home with patient and consistent instruction.

Nala 2 & 3

Likes: NALA 2 AND NALA 3: Approx 13 weeks old BONDED brother & sister Nala 2 (boy) and Nala 3 (girl) are a little shy at first, but warm up quickly with a few snuggles. Their favorite time of day is when they get their wet food,  and Nala 3 is happy just relaxing in your lap. Nala 2 and Nala 3 are very attached and must be adopted together. You can meet me at Petsmart in Courtenay.

Nala 1

Likes: NALA 1 Approx 13 weeks old Nala 1 loves playing with strings and chasing bugs. He will be your best friend if you give him Temptation treats or dried beef liver. He is a very friendly boy and always the first to explore new things. Nala 1 would get along well with another cat or dog friend. You can meet me at Petsmart in Courtenay.

Sweetie 1 & 2 

Likes: Approx 12 weeks old A little from their foster family… Bonded brothers.  These two little boys are adorable and will grow into very loving cats.    Sweetie 1 (tabby) purrs on a moment’s notice and comes easily for pets, Sweetie 2 is a little more reserved. Wave the hand held wand and  both will be playing eventually.  They love to play together, are super using their litter box and have the cutest chirps. 


Age: 1

Likes: A little from her foster mama….. I would like to present my sweet Abby.   Abby had a trying start to her life that left our sweet girl shy, timid and completely unaggressive.   Once you’ve earned her trust, you will be rewarded with her gentle love. The easiest way to travel that path is by brushing her. Abby LOVES being brushed….our record is 40 minutes!!! Once you’ve passed that test, next comes the pets. Gentle hands and a soothing tummy rub turns our girl into a drooling puddle of kitten.   Abby enjoys stalking her toys, including her stick toys and sparkle balls. She also likes to play with her fellow foster kitten.   Abby doesn’t like to be alone, so having another non-aggressive cat in the home would be ideal for her.   Patience and love will go a long way to having this incredible girl as your newest family member and partner in your home.