Goji 2 & 3

Likes: Approx 5 months old A little from the foster… A very sweet but shy girl who loves high places, puzzle feeders, and cat TV. She is more than happy to eat from your hand but still gets a little nervous of sudden movements and hands coming from above her head. She much prefers gentle skin scratches and pets along her flanks and she will purr in appreciation. Gets along well with her brother and has been very patient with other cats both younger and older. Goji 3 Approx 5 months old A little from the foster… Super high energy and just as cuddly. He is at his happiest when bouncing off walls and furniture while being pet by as many hands as physically possible. Loves his sister, loves you, loves other cats, just a lot of love to give in general. Fair warning, your hands will get tired trying to keep up with his pet demands and he is a tripping hazard with how he will follow you around. Seems a little prone to hairballs so could benefit from regular brushing. n 😻