December 16, 2017

Guardian Angel Program

Kitty Cat Prevent-A-Litter Society is pleased to offer the Guardian Angel Program, a program that will give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your beloved cat(s) will be properly cared for and looked after if you should predecease them or become disabled and unable to continue caring for them. You can have confidence in knowing that your cat will not be forgotten or become abandoned during times of crisis.

Kitty Cat Prevent-A-Litter Society offers a way to ensure that your feline companions will be cared for at the time of your disability or death. You can rest easy knowing that your cats will gain immediate acceptance into the Guardian Angel Program, where they will receive love and attention, high quality medical care and will be matched to a peaceful, loving home.

We will find the ideal home for your cat and follow up ensuring he/she is happy and healthy. However should the right match not come along your cat will be cared for and loved for life in a permanent, qualified foster home under the supervision of Kitty Cat Prevent-A- Litter Society.

One of the best ways to ensure that your wishes are fulfilled and your beloved cat(s) are provided for is by making a formal arrangement that specifically covers the ongoing care of your cat(s) if you become seriously ill or should die.

In exchange for a donation (amount of which is determined through mutual discussion), Kitty Cat Prevent-A-Litter Society will find a qualified, permanent home for your cat(s) where they can live out the rest of their life being loved and cared for in a home setting. Your cat(s) will not be institutionalized and Kitty Cat Prevent-A-Litter Society has all adopters sign an agreement promising that if for any reason they cannot continue to care for a cat, the cat will be returned to Kitty Cat Prevent-A-Litter Society, ensuring it will never be abandoned, given to a shelter or euthanized for lack of care.

When your cat enters our Guardian Angel Program it is loved, given attention and any medical care it may need. All cats are assessed medically and treated accordingly.  Our felines are given the best medical care possible.  Kitty Cat Prevent-A-Litter Society specializes in the care of senior cats and special needs cats (such as hyperthyroidism, diabetes or kidney disease).

You can rest assured and have peace of mind knowing that your cat will be cared for in a loving, attentive home and all of his/her needs provided for the remainder of his/her life.

Please contact us for more information.